Friday, July 2, 2010

Sexual Health: Decreased Libido

 Sexual health is a very important factor in overall happiness. With all of the demands and worries in today's society, it is easy to be distracted or lose interest in sexual intimacy.When trying to juggle a job, kids, finances, and a marriage, oftentimes, sex just doesn't seem as important. But when there are absolutely no thoughts or feelings regarding sex, there may be more going on than you realize.
 The causes of decreased libido can be physical, mental/ emotional, or both. It can affect both men and women at different stages of life.
 In men, loss of sexual desire can be caused by depression, substance abuse, relationship problems, low testosterone, or anxiety. Certain medications, such as those for high blood pressure, can also cause decreased libido. Treatment for low sex drive in men can involve counseling (if due to relationship issues, etc.); medications to treat low testosterone, depression, or anxiety; or having your doctor change your medication if it seems to cause the problem.
 Up to 40% of women have problems with deminished sexual interest or desire. For women, it may be due to a change in hormones. A drop in the male hormone, testosterone, is often the problem. Also menopause can be the cause. A doctor can prescribe medications to treat the condition. Many times the causes for low libido in women are the same as in men. If it is emotional, counseling may be necessary.
 Maybe all that is needed is to take time to focus on your relationship, without outside distractions. Stress reduction techniques may also help. Talking to your partner about it is probably the most important step to regaining the sexual desire and fulfilment you once had.

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