Friday, July 2, 2010


 A migraine is very different than just an average headache. It is very intense and usually last up to 3 days. Some people have occular migraines that can cause visual disturbances, usually in the period of time just before the headache sets it. This period time is known as the aura stage. Not all migraine sufferers have the type of migraine associated with auras. Some just have the headache by itself.
 Migraine auras occur just before the headache and can include seeing spots, wavvy lines, halos; blurred vision; temporary visual loss in half of visual field; dizziness; numbess and tingling; and "crawling" sensation on your scalp. This usually lasts about 30 minutes and is followed by a headache, which is often severe.
 Migraines are vascular headaches. They are caused by enlargement of the blood vessels(vasodilation) in the brain. As the arteries continue to enlarge, the pain becomes intense. Many people are also very sensitive to light and sound during this time.
 Migraines affect women more than men. Many women notice an increase in frequency of migraines at times of hormonal change, such as during menstruation.
 There is no cure for migraines, but there are some very good treatment options. There are medications to abort the migraine once it has occured. There are also prophyllactic medications to try to prevent migraines.
 Recent studies suggest that some migraine suffers that also experience auras may be at a higher risk of stroke than those without auras. So, it is imperitive to see a doctor soon if you are experiencing any of the symtoms mentioned so proper treatment can be started right away.

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